Defensive Driving Techniques

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is a form of training for motor vehicle drivers which goes beyond the mastery of the rules of the road and the basic mechanics of driving, thus preventing ‘accident’. Before proceeding over to the essential of defensive driving, It is imperative that some facts about ‘Accidents’ be elaborated.

What is an accident?
Collision, overturning or slipping which occur or originate on the road open to public traffic resulting in either injury or loss of life or damage to property in which at least one moving vehicle is involved.

Accident is different from other offences as elaborated in Indian Penal Code (IPC) where in it doesn’t carry ‘mensrea’ (Intention and preparation of a crime), but is still considered as an offence punishable upto 2 years in prison.

Do you know?
India’s vehicle population is 3% of the world vehicle population but 10% of the road accident occur here.

  • An accident takes place every two minutes in India.
  • 60% of road accident take place between 9p.m. to 5 a.m.
  • India is the third most accident prone country.
  • About 60,000 persons are killed annually in India in the road accidents.

So the aim of the ‘Defensive driving’ is to reduce the risk of driving by anticipating dangerous situations, despite adverse conditions or the mistakes of others.

Defensive Driving Rules