Driving and Maintenance Course

1. Duration -18+1 = 19 weeks
2. Frequency -Twice in a year
3. Capacity -120 ORs (BSF + CPOs + SPOs)
4. Aim -

To train young personnel up to the rank of head constable for driving vehicles under all road & load conditions out proper maintenance and rectification of minor roadside defects of both diesel & petrol vehicles. This is the basic course for personnel to be subsequently inducted into MT.

5. Purpose -

CSMT boasts of being adjudged as CENTER OF EXCELLENCE for this course. This course is designed in a manner to impart the other Central Police and State Police Organizations on various types of vehicles being used by the Para Military Forces/Police Organizations. It facilitates the Ors of the elite force and other CPOs and SPOs in discharging their duties as Drivers.

6. Facilities / Training Aids -
a. Driving Track 4.56 KM long with figure 8.
b. AV Hall & Adequate class rooms for the trainees.
c. Well stocked computerized library.
d. MT Fleet of 93 vehicles for driving and practical training.
e. Technical training bays housing cut sections models, Electronic flow Boards, transparent models, diagnostic equipment, working models etc. for better assimilation by the trainees.
f. A full fledged workshop for practical training of mechanics. Computer lab with broadband facility. CD writing and scanning capability.