CSMT conducts Inter Frontier MT Competition every year in addition to the Courses entrusted to this institution from FHQ . The teams from all the frontiers of BSF assemble at CSMT to participate in IFMTC under various categories of vehicles.

For the purpose of this competition, three types of vehicles viz light, heavy, and Motorcycle are being used.
  1. Heavy type of vehicles will include TATA 1212 i.e 5 TON TATA vehicle (for driving competition only 4x4 wheel drive vehicle being used)

  2. Light vehicles will include Maruti Gypsy 410 only.

  3. 350 CC Enfield India being used for Motorcycle competition.

  1. Drivers competing should be young, preferably below 35 years of age and medically fit as the competition requires lot of agility and physical stamina and must have put in minimum one year of service.

  2. Drivers should be matriculate for above competition so that they are able to reply in correct technical terminology in the oral test regarding vehicle system, Motor veh Act, maintenance task, DOs and DONT etc.

  3. Ftr team should to report to CSMT BSF Tekanpur for Inter Frontier competition two days prior to the commencement of the competition. FTR team should be accompanied by a team Captain to the rank of SO who is well conversant.

  4. Service records of all competitors should also be sent with the team captain for scrutiny.

  5. Winners teams in Inter FTR MT Competition, securing highest marks in all the vehicles i.e. Gypsy, TATA & Motor Cycle are awarded running Trophies and the same are returnable to CSMT BSF Tekanpur before the next competition, The CSMT BSF Tekanpur arranges these trophies.

  6. Each FTR team to carry two FTR flags i.e. one big flag (size of 6x4) and one flag of 3x 2 size to be used during march past.


The competition for all the three classes of vehicles will be separate and will consist of an Oral Test and a Practical test.

(a) In The Oral Test, the competitors will be asked questions on the following subjects:-
  • MT Discipline, safe speed, safety precaution in driving, traffic laws, Fire precautions, general knowledge of petrol/diesel engine & battery maintenance, road sense, proper use of horns and lights.

  • General elementary knowledge of principles of automobiles theory, maintenance, tyre rotation tubes vulcanizing, brake bleeding, adjusting fan belt, changing oils, brake testing adjusting, cleaning & adjusting spark plugs, distributors cap, DOs & Donts for a driver.

  • Highway Code and first aid.

  • The duration of oral test shall not be more than 10 minutes per competitor. Answer may be given either in English or Hindi. For practical test, each competitor will be required to report in dangries (Overall combination) to the judges. He will carry his uniform in pack. He shall carry no tools. After receiving directions from Judges, the competitors will proceed to the allotted vehicles and get ready for the days duties after carrying out routine check. Certain roadside defects (about 5 to 10) will be developed in the vehicle by the Judges. The competitor has to locate and rectify them. He should than drive the vehicle for a distance of about 200 yards to check for steering, brake defects and other unusual noise and report to the Judges in uniform. The total time allowed for entire test would 45 Minutes per competitor. While carrying out the repairs, the competitors will be provided vehicle tool kit.

(b) Practical Test/Fault Finding- Following vehicles will be used for fault findings:-
  • TATA 1212 5 Ton in heavy veh. Category, Faults/defects will be from all the systems like ignition system, fuel supply system, all mountings, electrical system and transmission system etc.

  • MG 410 in light vehicle category. Fault/defects will be from all the systems.

  • 300 CC Enfield India will be used in Motorcycle category. Fault/defects will be from all the systems.