Motor Transport Officer Course

1. Duration -10+1 = 11 weeks
2. Frequency -Twice in a year
3. Capacity -40 SOs
4. Aim -

To train SOS in the duties of Unit MTO to improve their Knowledge of driving, Care & Maintenance of vehicles and management of MT Fleet in peace & War.

5. Main topics covered during course-
1. Functioning of all the systems of petrol and diesel vehicles.
2. Workshop management aspects.
3. Purchase and condemnation procedure.
4. Administration of MT fleet during peace and war.
5. Pollution control.
6. Motor Vehicle Act and MACT.
7. Accident reporting and COI of an accident vehicle.
8. Driving.
6. Purpose -

This course is designed in a manner to apprise the SOs of BSF, the technical aspect of automotives besides training them in effective supervision of MT fleet and MT Workshops of BSF.