Academy Museum

BSF Museum Tekanpur was inaugurated on 17 Nov' 1990 by the then President of India Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma. The Museum has five Galleries depicting various facets of the functioning and history of the organization.

First Gallery
It depicts the history of BSF from its inception in 1965 to till date. During this period BSF has faced numerous challenges including 1971 War, Counter Insurgency Ops in NE, Punjab and J & K, Border Management along turbulent borders and Internal Securing Duties. This, Gallery depicts the glorious history of BSF.

Second Gallery
It shows the diverse Borderscape starting from snow clad mountains in J&K to the fertile plains of Punjab, sand dunes of Rajasthan and marshy land of Gujarat on the western borders, whereas thickly populated and riverine border area of West Bengal, Dense forests in Meghalaya, Assam, Tripura and Mizoram along Indo-Bangladesh border. Each segment of the terrain throws unique challenge to the borderman entrusted with responsibility of maintaining sanctity and security of the border during peace.

Third Gallery
While performing their duties, Bordermen have displayed outstanding courage and velour living up to the motto ‘Duty Unto Death’. The Gallant Bordermen have distinguished themselves in operational as well as sports arena. This gallery depicts the deeds of those brave and dedicated Bordermen who have done proud to the nation. Glimpses of welfare activities can also be seen here.

Fourth Gallery
This Gallery is divided into two parts. The first depicts the development in the field of weapon system in BSF, and the second part has the weapons seized by BSF from anti-national elements. The variety of Tear Smoke Munitions produced by TSU, is also shown in this Gallery.

Fifth Gallery
Modern surveillance, Communication and special equipments held by BSF and used during performance of their duties during peace and war have been displayed in this Gallery.