AC (DE) Group
The aim of the training is to ensure that the Officer Trainees acquire necessary knowledge, skills, understanding, attitudes and behaviour required for effectively discharging their duties as Company Commanders initially and later to man various senior supervisory and staff assignments in the Force. The wing further aims at nurturing human values in all its areas of activity to prepare trainees to be ‘effective human-beings’.
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  • To make Assistant Commandants (Direct Entry), Assistant Commandants (Limited Departmental Competitive Examination) and Medical officers, Veterinary Officers & Engineering officers, efficient and useful members of the Force.
  • To train directly recruited Assistant Commandants of BSF and CPOs to enable them discharge their duties effectively as Company Commanders.
  • Building of leadership qualities in direct entrants to cope up with operational, administrative and logistic needs at BOP/Company level.
  • Developing skills for operational planning and identifying futuristic trends for advance planning to suit the requirements of changing operational environments and functional ability.
  • Developing skills for original thinking.
  • Personality development.
  • Developing quality of empathy for effective man management.

The endeavour of the wing is to cover the contents of Basic Course with core concept of ‘Self-Learning’ and ‘Self-Discipline’. In line with this core concept, the faculty of the Wing would be more like facilitators to create proper environment in which the trainee officers would learn for themselves the knowledge and skills.

To achieve the objectives enunciated above, the courses has been designed to impart adequate inputs to meet the basic functions required for the job.

Assistant Comdt (Direct Entry) Course 51 weeks
Assistant Comdt (LDCE) Course 28 weeks
Medical/Technical Officers Basic Course 09 weeks

  • Physical training
  • Drill
  • Weapon Training
  • Organisation & Equipment
  • Field Craft
  • Border Management
  • Map Reading
  • Field Engineering
  • Radio Telephony
  • Law
  • Tactics
  • Low Intensity Conflict
  • Computer
  • Intelligence & Security
  • Internal Security Duty
  • Administration, Provisoning and Accounts
  • Medical
  • Human Resource Development
  • Special Police Subjects
  • Driving and Maintenance
  • Etiquettes
  • Service Writing
  • Geo-Political Studies
  • Equitation
  • Disaster Management